Support to the Development of the Penitentiary and Probation Systems in Georgia

Project Description

The project is part of the EU4Justice programme, and it contributes to the ambitious justice reform agenda of Georgia and support to implementation of the latest wave of such reforms in line with the judiciary strategy as well as different EU-Georgia agreements and policy instruments.
The project supports the Government of Georgia to develop modern and efficient penitentiary and probation system. The project mainly works with the Ministry of Corrections and supports with:
– Developing sector strategies, action plans and Directions Document (BDD) in compliance with national policiies and international standards;
– Developing a long-term strategy for initial and continuous education, to improve human resources management system, including the establishment of modern and consistent human resources policy for recruitment of the skilled professionals and classification of the functions and obligations of the employees in line with the public service reform policies;
– Changing its organizational structure, developing procedures for effective case management, strengthening procedures for performance and monitoring of individual approach, needs and risk assessment and expending individual sentence planning to all convicts.
– Improving and expanding specific working and vocational educational opportunities for inmates based on the individualized approach; assist in designing the psycho-social rehabilitation programmes for convicts and promoting increased participation of prisoners in those programmes;
The project also supports the National Probation Agency (NPA) in improving its administrative capacities, including human resource management, rehabilitation and resocialization of probationers in coordination with civil society, developing individual approaches towards probationers, enhancing conditions for carrying out alternative, non-custodial pre-trial measure and sentences and assist in of pretrial probationary assessment reporting.

Specific Objective

To develop modern and efficient penitentiary and probation system that prevents re-offending and maintains a proper balance between ensuring public order and security and guaranteeing protection of human rights.

Expected Results

– Ministry of Corrections has consolidated strategies and policy
– Ministry of Corrections staff capacities are strengthened
– Prison administration and detention procedures are improved
– Re-socialization and rehabilitation is extended
– National Probation Agency has efficient probation and non-custodial regime

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Project Map

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