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Project Description

This project is part of EU’s efforts to assist Georgia in fulfilling the terms set out in the Association Agreement.
Main focus of the project is to promote implementation of priorities in the field of intellectual property rights, as identified in the EU-Georgia Association Agenda for 2017-2020:
– Ensuring rights holders a high level of intellectual property protection and enforcement;
– Strengthening the enforcement capacity of Georgian authorities;
– Supporting the activities of the National Intellectual Property Centre of Georgia, ‘Sakpatenti’;
– Taking measures to increase public awareness in the field of intellectual property, as well as against counterfeiting and piracy.

Specific Objective

To contribute to achievement of adequate and effective level of protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in Georgia in accordance with the commitments of the Association Agreement.

Expected Results

– Strengthened institutions, networks, and personnel working in the field of intellectual property, for a more efficient and user-friendly intellectual property rights system.
– Enforced cooperation to support modernisation, transparency and fair implementation of intellectual property enforcement policies in Georgia.
– Increased awareness on the benefits of a comprehensive intellectual property rights system among opinion makers and specific segments of the general public in Georgia.

Project Map

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