Strengthening the capacities of Technical and Construction Supervision Agency in Market Surveillance

Cooperation with Customs

Project Description

The purpose of the project is to assist the Government of Georgia to comply with EU best practice to ensure the safety of industrial and consumer products and thereby protect the health and safety of citizens and remove technical barriers to trade. This is in line with the objectives contained in the Association Agreement (AA) including a Deep and Comprehensive Fair Trade Area (DCFTA) with the European Union the aim of which is to facilitate Georgia’s gradual inclusion into the EU market.

The project provides support to the Technical and Construction Supervision Agency (TCSA) and further develop the market surveillance system in Georgia in compliance with EU best practice. In particular, it assists in the development of the legal framework, contributes to capacity building within the Agency and helps raise awareness of product safety and market surveillance among institutions, consumers and businesses in Georgia.

Specific Objective

Specific objective of the project is to help develop Market Surveillance system in Georgia and Strengthen the capacity of Georgian Technical and Construction Supervision Agency

Expected Results

• Market surveillance legal framework approximated to the EU legislation as envisaged by the Annex III-A of the AA, DCFTA TBT chapter according to an inclusive and evidence-based approach with regard to New Approach and Global Approach Directives
• TCSA knowledge of relevant EU directives (Annex III-A of the AA concerning cableways, lifts, etc.) enhanced
• TCSA supported in development of internal market surveillance information exchange system
• TCSA capacities to conduct market surveillance activities strengthened
• TCSA supported on identification and drafting of relevant procedures
• Complete chain of market surveillance activities on non-food products in place
• Technical competence of TCSA staff increased
• TCSA ability to perform market visits enhanced
• Public outreach of TCSA in market surveillance and consumer protection fields further strengthened
• TCSA supported in active participation in EU market surveillance and consumer protection structures

Project documents

Project Map

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