Qualification for Re-integration – a way back into society

Project Description

The project is focused on the integration of persons in conflict with the law into the society through the establishment of cooperation mechanisms among civil society organizations (CSOs), business companies and State actors. As the first step, an extensive media campaign was developed to attract the main target audience (probationers, inmates, and former inmates), simultaneously social and job skills trainings, as well as informational meetings, are being held in different parts of Georgia.

Specific Objective

1. To prepare probationers, inmates and former inmates to integrate into the labor market through vocational education training and job opportunities.
2. To prepare governmental stakeholders, business sector, CSOs and the general society to support the integration of probationers, inmates and former inmates through advocacy and a media campaign.

Expected Results

2 Human interests video stories on successful cases of beneficiaries.
24 Posters on international and local research.
Study tour for Georgian Government representatives organized in Berlin, Germany.

Project Map

* Locations on the map are indicative and may not reflect precise location.



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