Optimising the Potential of Local Assets for Rural Development of Keda Municipality

Project Description

This project is part of the EU’s ENPARD programme supporting agriculture and rural development. It establishes a Local Action group to drive local decision making, empowering citizens and promoting local action based on the EU LEADER approach. It diversifies local economic activities, fosters investment and empowers competitive agricultural and environmental practices in Keda Municipality. It uses bottom-up strategic planning of rural development to increase potential of Keda Municipality and make optimal use of local resources.

The project supports creation and capacity-building of Keda Local Action Group (LAG), guides the process of participatory development of gender- and youth-sensitive Keda Rural Development Strategy (RDS), helps with implementation of innovative projects to foster economic and investment opportunities, inclusive rural growth, and most importantly, improve well-being of rural communities.

Specific Objective

Rural quality of life is improved in Keda.

Expected Results

– Keda Local Action Group (LAG) is strengthened and enlarged with equal gender participation, capable of actively engaging in rural planning and development processes following the LEADER principles.
– Linkages are established and networking is active among LAGs in Adjara as well as nationwide and with LAGs in Austria. Women, youth, and vulnerable groups participate in planning and implementation of rural development.
– Gender- and youth-sensitive Keda Rural Development Strategy is developed in a participatory way and is approved by the relevant state authorities of Adjara.
– Rural economic diversification and inclusive growth opportunities are demonstrated and offered via implementation of innovative (smart, sustainable, resilient) projects financed under the Keda rural development strategy.
– Rural quality of life is improved through increased income from new diversified rural economic activities, competitive climate-resilient agricultural practices, sustainable use of natural resources, reduced natural disaster risks and a healthier natural environment.
– Youth, women, and vulnerable groups have incentives and preferential access to employment and business opportunities.

Project documents

Project Map

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