Office of the State Prosecutor of Georgia

The Prosecution Office of Georgia (POG) is one of the beneficiaries of the project – “Improving prosecution and investigation quality in Georgia”. During the implementation of the previous stage of the project, namely from January 2019, the POG became fully independent from the executive authorities and is accountable only to the Parliament of Georgia.

In order to further support the organization, at the second stage of the project implementation, the project team assists the POG in developing SMART strategies and action plans for 2021-2025 and establishing modern monitoring and evaluation mechanisms.

In addition, the project’s international and local experts facilitate and contribute to a modern and ambitious system for recruitment, dismissal, evaluation, promotion, transfer, case distribution, hierarchical reporting, ethics (including the introduction of a ranking system) and disciplinary proceedings against prosecutors and criminal investigators.

At the same time, the project team works closely with and supports the advisory/consultative bodies of the POG: the Career Management, the Ethics and Incentives Council and the Strategic Development and Criminal Policy Council of the Prosecutor’s Office in improving and enhancing the role and functions of those bodies. Similar to the previous phase of assistance, the project continues to support POG in improving data collection, analysis and statistics and publishing information.

Furthermore, the project team is working closely with the relevant project of the COE to develop a draft law in response to the recommendations of the Venice Commission regarding the division of functions between prosecutors and investigators. The project team further assists prosecutors and investigators in improving the methods and techniques for investigating and prosecuting specific serious (grave and particularly grave) crimes. The project strengthens cooperation and relations between EUROJUST and POG. The success of the project is mainly due to joint (for POG, MIA and SIS) activities in the above mentioned areas.

Additionally, joint study tours and seminars in the respective EU member states are planned for all three project beneficiaries. In carrying out its activities, the project actively cooperates with other EU-funded projects (projects to support the judiciary and penitentiary). Local and international organizations working in the field of justice also cooperate with the project.

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