Municipal Service Quality Assessment Toolkit (MUSQAT)

Presentation of the project

Project Description

Through its programming, the EU supports development of local governments and through various mechanisms, helps with the process of provision of quality services to the local population.

This project works with local governments in eight municipalities of Kakheti Region to support the upgrade of municipal services. It:
– Provides participatory support to municipalities: Equips municipalities of Kakheti region with the Municipal Service Quality Assessment Toolkit and expertise to make consistent use of it, ensuring that prerequisites for quality municipal services are in place.
– Provides capacity-building programs for municipalities and civil society organizations: works with civil society representatives in Kakheti region to proactively engage them in specialised policy dialogue with local authorities, in monitoring the quality of municipal services delivery and in evidence-based advocacy initiatives.
– Advocates for municipal service quality standards: works with key national stakeholders to acknowledge the need for universal municipal data for supporting evidence-based local policy development, as well as planning, monitoring and evaluation of municipal services is acknowledged by key national stakeholders and set on the mid-term agenda.

Specific Objective

To contribute to successful reformation and upgrade of municipal services into high quality, accessible and well-administered services, as foreseen by the Public Administration Reform Roadmap 2018-2020.

Expected Results

– Second edition of the Municipality Service Quality Assessment Toolkit is developed in cooperation with international experts
– E-platform created for self-assessment of municipal services
– Trainings conducted on local policy development, planning of municipal programmes and standards of municipal services
– Self-assessment of services conducted by municipalities in Kakheti
– Small grants issued for technical support of municipalities
– 8 grants for municipal service monitoring (total of 80,000 EUR) issued to CSOs and CBOs
– 16 small grants for advocacy campaigns (total of 32,000 EUR) issued to CSOs and CBOs.

Project documents

Project Map

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Center for Training and Consultancy (CTC); Media Center Kakheti

Center for Training and Consultancy (CTC); Media Center Kakheti

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