Monitoring Government’s Commitments and Promoting Reforms in the Penal Sector through the Engagement of CSOs


Project Description

This project is part of the EU’s efforts to support a reform of Georgia’s Justice system. It supports the process by promoting increased engagement of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the process of penitentiary and probation reforms through enhanced advocacy, improved networking, influenced policy-making and process monitoring.

The project ensures analysis of penitentiary and probation reform strategies, action plans, laws and existing practice in terms of European human rights standards, preparation of recommendations for improvement and increased dialogue between policy makers and CSOs.

Specific Objective

To ensure active engagement of CSOs in penitentiary and probation reforms through enhanced advocacy, improved networking, influencing policy making and monitoring of the reforms at various stages.

Expected Results

– Identified gaps and challenges regarding the state policy, legislation and practice in the penal sector as well as preparation of relevant recommendations.
– Elaborated alternative analysis reports on the fulfillment/implementation of the leading/sectoral strategies and action plans in the penitentiary and probation sectors;
– Strengthened network/coalition of NGOs in Tbilisi and in regions;
– Enhanced capacities of CSOs and journalists through trainings/workshops as well as advocacy activities and raised awareness for an effective planning process of the state policy in the penal sector;
– Increased capacity of relevant stakeholders and active participation of Alliance member organizations into advocacy, policy dialogue meetings with the relevant authorities on a various project issues;
– Enhanced engagement with the media and awareness raising events.

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