Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia (MIA) is one of the beneficiaries of the project – “Improving prosecution and investigation quality in Georgia”.

The Project is actively supporting MIA with various capacity building activities- such as devising regulations and fine-tuning standard operation procedures on multiple police interventions together with developing comprehensive law enforcement analytical systems such as crime supporting intelligence assessment matrix. Moreover, the Project is steering landmark and the most comprehensive reform of Georgian Criminal Justice Sector once new Criminal Procedural Code has been enacted. The mentioned reform envisages delineation of the functions between Prosecutors and Criminal Police Investigators in line with EU models and best practices referring specifically widening functional mandate of investigators that shall have direct and positive effective on overall quality of investigations currently posed as major challenge by various international and local organizations. Following these changes, the Project also initiated division of the functions among investigators and criminal intelligence officers(so called “operative workers”) within the Ministry in order to properly execute newly acquired mandate as well as to focus more on preventive directions necessitating more active support from the state and relevant stakeholders since regaining independence of Georgia in 1991.

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