Local Partnership for Industrial Revitalisation of Second Tier Post-Industrial Cities in Imereti

Project Description

EU supports local governments in Georgia through initiatives that support stronger governance and economic development of cities and municipalities. This project addresses the pressing need for industrial transformation of mono-industrial second-tier cities of Imereti Region – Zestaponi, Tkibuli and Chiatura. It aims at finding new ways for the activation of socio-economic development of post-industrial cities. Those ways include increased local responsibility and capability to deal with socio-economic development challenges as well support to building partnerships for effective coordination, cooperation and active involvement of local development partners in all development activities at local, regional and national level.

The project:
– Works for effective local partnership for promoting local sustainable development while encouraging participation of women in development activities;
– Prepares industrial revitalization action plans for the participating municipalities based on best EU best practices and principles, including sustainable management of environmental resources and
– Develops skills of local administration and partners to run integrated industrial revitalization activities and capacity to cooperate, plan, manage and implement development projects benefiting local communities.
– Supports municipalities in implementation of small-scale projects for industrial revitalization.

Specific Objective

To ensure industrial revitalization to second-tier post-industrial cities of Imereti through creation of an effective system of multilevel governance and local partnership.

Expected Results

– Enhanced participation of Georgian Local Authorities in the development processes and capability to run area-based sustainable socio-economic development while addressing local needs in the context of industrial restructuring.
– Promoted participatory model of governance involving cooperation and shared commitment between local authorities, Governor’s administration, central level institutions and local stakeholders (NGOs, service providers, private companies including SMEs).
– Joint revitalization plans developed and implemented by local administration, NGOs and the private sector.

Project Map

* Locations on the map are indicative and may not reflect precise location.


Sustainable Development Organization

Sustainable Development Organization
  • Priority Area:
    Strengthening of institutions, good governance and security

  • Region: Imereti

  • Start Date: 2019-01-01

  • End Date: 2021-03-31

  • Implementing Organisation:
    Sustainable Development Organization

  • EU Contribution:
    €315 000

  • EU Project Number:

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