Local LEADERs Embrace Sustainable Development in Multi-Ethnic Tsalka Municipality (EMBRACE Tsalka)

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Project Description

This project is part of the EU’s ENPARD programme supporting agriculture and rural development. It establishes a Local Action group to drive local decision making, empowering citizens and promoting local action based on the EU LEADER approach and contributes to reduction of rural poverty in Tsalka Municipality, known for its diverse population. It addresses economic, social, and environmental concerns by improving agricultural competitiveness, promoting sustainable management of natural resources, and building climate-resilient rural economies and communities.

The project works with smallholders, entrepreneurs, women, youth and other local actors. It improves access to knowledge and innovation, demonstrates value chain development, introduces best practices, creates public-private partnerships (PPPs) and business linkages, and generates new employment by utilising the development potential of the area.

Specific Objective

To improve social integration, access to basic social services and economic opportunities for vulnerable households in Tsalka Municipality throughout the support to local communities via participatory planning and implementing a rural development strategy.

Expected Results

– Tsalka Local Action Group (LAG) is established with equal gender and youth participation, represents vulnerable groups (i.e. high mountainous communities, eco-migrants, ethnic minorities, and IDPs) and is engaged in the rural development process following the participatory approach and LEADER principles.
– A gender- and youth-sensitive Rural Development Strategy (RDS) is developed and incorporates specific needs of vulnerable groups (i.e. high mountainous communities, eco-migrants, ethnic minorities and IDPs).
– Local business and public projects are prioritized by Tsalka LAG and financed in line with the Local Development Strategy to create employment and livelihoods opportunities, especially for poor and marginalized population.
– Socioeconomic integration of vulnerable households is improved by empowering women and youth.

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