Local Action Group Kazbegi

Project Description

The aim of the project is to empower the community and improve the living conditions of the rural population in Kazbegi. The project will increase community leaders involvement and create partnerships between the members. These partnerships will be important in terms of negotiating, networking and setting transparency and accountability standards for local processes. The project develops area branding and information strategy in order to support tourism and local production of high-quality food and other products. As well as that, it develops grant scheme for distribution of small grants to public, private and civic actors. The grant will be focused to contribute financially to Kazbegi growth and make it a better place for living. The project also conducts training for experts, community representatives and grantees for increasing their capacity and skills. These activities are expected to support the functioning of Kazbegi Local Action Group with the active involvement of public, private and civic actors. Growth potential of Kazbegi will be enhanced through sustainable, innovative and more competitive agricultural practices and non-agricultural activities.

Specific Objective

To improve the quality of life of the rural population in Kazbegi through the EU LEADER and community-led local development approach.

Expected Results

During the first two years, the project supported 63 local initiatives, created more than 150 jobs and brought benefits to more than 2000 direct and indirect beneficiaries.

Project documents

Project Map

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