Georgian State Electrosystem

The Georgian State Electrosystem (GSE) plays a key role in ensuring national energy security, as it ensures optimal electricity network development and planning, reliability of electricity supply and other functions. GSE works closely with European partners to integrate with European area and harmonize with it, among others, by applying the terms and conditions of the EU’s Third Energy Package under the EU-Georgia Association Agreement and European energy treaties and protocols.

Within the framework of “Support to Georgian State Electrosystem in Implementation of New Energy Sector Regulations” GSE received capacity-building assistance to harmonize Georgian energy legislation with EU requirements on organizing electricity market structure and ensuring safety and security of electricity.
GSE representatives were trained on:
– Security of Electricity Supply: EU legal framework developments, Generation Adequacy, Risk-assessment, Operational security
– Network Codes: EU Network Codes, Connection Codes, Operational Codes
– System planning: Overview of the EnC & ENTSO-E power system planning and requirements, CBA methodologies, Network Modelling
– Practices and approaches across EU Member States
– Principles and guidance for drafting standard agreements.

GSE members visited Berlin to better visualize and learn about the specifics of European energy market.
These efforts result into a stable and transparent investment climate in the electricity sector, reliable and affordable electricity for customers (especially vulnerable communities), and ensures higher levels of energy security of the country.

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