Georgian Civil Society Sustainability Initiative

Project Description

Empowered civil society is a crucial component of any democratic system and is an asset in itself. Therefore, support to and engagement with civil society in all of its diversity is an essential part of the EU programming in Georgia. This is one of the major projects implemented under the EU Roadmap for Engagement with civil society in Georgia 2018–2020. It improves the environment for the civil society in Georgia, empowers civil society organisations (CSOs) and increases accountability towards citizens.

As a result of the project, Georgian CSOs become more sustainable and benefit from diversified sources of funding, including transparent state funding mechanisms and vibrant Corporate Social Responsibility culture. They gain more positive public perception and acknowledgement from different state and non-state actors, effectively engaging in advocating interests and political, economic, social and cultural rights of their constituencies. Further, civic participation increases through better cooperation of CSOs with local media, businesses, and authorities, especially in regions and among youth. Finally, CSOs across Georgia are able to influence local and national policies and take a more active role in monitoring ongoing reforms.

During the lifetime of the project, over 110 activities will be implemented, targeting especially the regions of Georgia and the youth. It will award up to 80 sub-grants and engage more than 2500 civil society actors across the country.

Specific Objective

Enhance sustainability of civil society in Georgia with an improved operational environment, empowered CSOs, increased accountability of CSOs to constituencies, and amplified linkages to other actors, thereby contributing to policy dialogue and development.

Expected Results

– State funding mechanisms are transparent, operational and stimulate philanthropy; a vibrant CSR culture takes root; CSOs effectively diversify their funding sources.
– The Georgian public has gained a positive perception of civil society as CSOs apply international standards of transparency and accountability towards all stakeholders and are well acknowledged by them.
– Civic participation and local support have increased due to effective management, and participatory leadership of CSOs.
– CSOs across Georgia influence local and national policy, take over an active role in the EUAA process, and monitor reforms.

Project Map

* Locations on the map are indicative and may not reflect precise location.

Activities & beneficiaries

Activities & beneficiaries Association of Pensioners
Activities & beneficiaries Center for Regional Initiatives "Bright Future" / Club of Neophyls
Activities & beneficiaries Union of Young Scientists "Intellect" - Adjara Regional HUB
Activities & beneficiaries Informational Campaign to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19
Activities & beneficiaries Association of Women Winemakers and Grape Owners
Activities & beneficiaries Innovation and Civil Development Center "Progress House" - Guria Regional HUB
Activities & beneficiaries Media Center Kakheti - Kakheti Regional HUB
Activities & beneficiaries Step Kharagauli
Activities & beneficiaries Human Rights Advocacy and Democracy Fund
Activities & beneficiaries Union of Democrat Meskhs - Samtskhe-Javakheti regional HUB
Activities & beneficiaries Community Foundation Kodori 2013
Activities & beneficiaries For Better Future - Mtskheta-Mtianeti Regional HUB
Activities & beneficiaries Society "Biliki" / Union of Young Researchers and Analysts
Activities & beneficiaries Time Banking - Promoting Bilateral Volunteerism in Georgia
Activities & beneficiaries Association Women for the Regional Development / Regional Initiatives Center "Bright Future"
Activities & beneficiaries Association for the Agriculture Development
Activities & beneficiaries Association "Atinati" - Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti Regional HUB
Activities & beneficiaries Education and Development Center "Toliskuri"
Activities & beneficiaries Public Campaign “This Country is Yours”
Activities & beneficiaries Civic Integration Foundation - Kvemo Kartli Regional HUB
Activities & beneficiaries Clean Environment - for better life
Activities & beneficiaries Georgian Public Interests Defense Association
Activities & beneficiaries Association “Ili”
Activities & beneficiaries Centre of Regional Initiatives “Bright Future”
Activities & beneficiaries Bridge of Friendship "Kartlosi"/ Georgian Media Group
Activities & beneficiaries Kvemo Kartli Media / Bolnisi Language House
Activities & beneficiaries Democratic Development Union of Georgia (DDUG) / Mediators’ Association of Guria
Activities & beneficiaries Community-Based Organisation "Kedeli"
Activities & beneficiaries My Imereti / Step Kharagauli
Activities & beneficiaries Association "Union of Chiaturians“/ Association „ASA“
Activities & beneficiaries Samtskhe-Javakheti Regional Association "Tolerant"
Activities & beneficiaries Environmental Community Organization "ECO" / Guria Civic Center
Activities & beneficiaries Gori Information Center - Shida Kartli Regional HUB
Activities & beneficiaries Fund "Abkhazintercont" - Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti regional HUB
Activities & beneficiaries Local Democracy Agency Georgia - Imereti Regional HUB

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