EU ENPARD Grants – How to Apply

The grant competition will be organised in cycles, meaning that applicants can only apply during authorized periods. The grant process is defined in different steps: 

  1. The registration phase, where the applicants create an account on the platform.
  2. The grant application process, where the applicant describes its business idea, the equipment desired, the budget, and all supporting documents. 
  3. The initial technical review of the proposal verifies the eligibility criteria and general feasibility of the project. The applicant might be required to adjust his/her proposal until it fills all requirements.
  4. The scoring phase, where the proposed investment is scored against a list of pre-defined criteria, including economic, social, and environmental dimensions.
  5. The decision phase, where the Application Review Committee decision which projects are granted.
  6. The agreement preparation phase, where the applicant and FAO prepare together the agreement and conditions. The applicant is also asked to prove his/her co-financing ability.
  7. The implementation and follow-up stage.
  8. The matching grant payment will be made directly to a supplier, only after the grantee’s matching contribution has been paid to that supplier and the effective delivery of the equipment has taken place. The signed supporting document proving the effective delivery of equipment will be uploaded to the paltform. In case of multiple payments, installment will be paid after the implementing partner validates the completion of the previous milestone.

During the application process, you will be asked some questions regarding your profile and the project for which you are requesting a matching grant, including:

  • The background and situation of your company
  • Your skills and experience in relation to your business
  • The project target products and target markets
  • The project goal and measurable objectives
  • The strategy to reach these objectives
  • The expected impact in terms of employment, vulnerable people and special categories, and the indirect impact
  • The sustainability of your project
  • The environmental considerations
  • A risk assessment of your project and the related mitigation measures

Scoring criteria when assessing a grant application

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