EU4Business – Framework for Capacity Building to Support Financial Intermediaries in Azerbaijan and Georgia

Project Description

The “EU4Business – Framework for Capacity Building to Support Financial Intermediaries in Azerbaijan and Georgia” project seeks to create sustainable financial intermediaries (FIs), as well as to improve the local financial sector’s efficiency, effectiveness and transparency needed to facilitate the access to financing for enterprises. It provides assistance to FIs focusing on specific projects and clients, supports the application of internationally acceptable banking practices, and promotes competition in the region.

Specific Objective

– Improving the efficiency, effectiveness and transparency of the financial sector, resulting in the provision of better access to financing for enterprises, particularly micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).
– Creating successful and healthy institutions that finance the real economy operating on market principles and follow sound business practices, thus supporting sustainable financial intermediaries.

Expected Results

– Supporting institution building programmes.
– Provision of credit advisory services.
– Facilitating trade finance advisory services.
– Developing management skills.
– Assisting with the launch of new financial products.
– Conducting IT assessment, development and implementation.

Map of Activities and Beneficiaries

* Locations on the map are indicative and may not reflect precise location.



  • Priority Area:
    Economic development and better market opportunities; Economic development and better market opportunities

  • Region:

  • Start Date: 2009-06-19

  • End Date: 2019-12-31

  • Implementing Organisation:

  • EU Contribution:
    €2 880 000

  • EU Project Number:

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