Establishing Efficient Protection and Control System of Geographical Indications (GIs) in Georgia

Project kick-off event

Project Description

The issue of geographical indications (GIs) has been on the agenda of the EU in Georgia for many years, as well as one of the top priorities of the Government of Georgia, as GIs are both a way to allow Georgia to trade on the basis of its primary strengths to the large EU market, but also a means to effectively safeguard its unique production methods and cultural traditions.
To support the process taking full advantage of the GI system, as well as exploit the huge GI potential In the Country, the twinning project:
– Further strengthens harmonization of Georgian GI legal framework with that of the EU;
– Strengthens the role played by GI Producers’ Associations;
– Completes and improves an effective and well-working control system, both on the side of certification controls and market controls: from “farm to (e) -retail”.

Specific Objective

To support the development of “Appellations of Origin (AOs)” and “Geographical Indications (GIs)” systems in Georgia through the creation of effective supporting tools with the provisions of the European Union’s GIs protection system.

Expected Results

– Consumer trust and ability to distinguish quality products while also helping producers to market their products better;
– Fair competition, as only producers complying with the specification may use a registered GI;
– Protection, as the use of a GI on the market place is controlled by control authorities/bodies;
– Social benefits, as linking valuable products to rural areas means production cannot be Delocalized to another area;
– Reconnected consumers and producers;
– Protected traditions and environmental benefits through linking traditional products with landscapes and farming systems.

Project Map

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