Empowering Local Economic Opportunities for Sustainable Growth

Public Presentation of the project

Project Description

Gori Municipality is one of the first municipalities in Georgia that has received a grant from Mayors for Economic Growth (M4EG) – an EU programme to support Mayors and municipalities of the Eastern Partnership countries to become active facilitators for economic growth and job creation at the local level.

The project develops a new complex of tourism infrastructure in Gori municipality, including a recreational park in the city centre, a new tourism information centre, exhibition spaces, car parks, cycling infrastructure and a bicycle rental service, working spaces for craftsmen.

The project partner – Gori’s Museum of History and Ethnography – provides 200 sq.m of working spaces and workshops for the production of national handicrafts and/or other souvenirs and products. An internship programme for students/young people, developed in cooperation with the private sector, enables young locals to develop skills through internships in the tourism information centres, various departments of Gori municipality responsible for tourism development, local companies and enterprises.

Specific Objective

The main goal of the project is to create new opportunities for local economic development and sustainable economic growth in Gori municipality. The three main objectives are:
1) Development of tourism infrastructure and to attract more investment to the tourism sector;
2) Creation of new opportunities for SMEs in the tourism sector, to develop their capacities and to increase their income;
3) Improvement of professional skills of local business sector representatives and students/young people in the tourism sector through internships, training courses and business advisory services.

Expected Results

– Complex tourism infrastructure is set up, including rehabilitated park, exhibition hall, tourist information center, cycling infrastructure, area for cafe and souvenir shops, parking space, luggage storage area and sanitary facilities;
– 7 workshops for national handicrafts and food are set up at Gori Ethnographic Museum;
– Training facilities for special free training, internship and business consultancy service programmes for young people and SMEs in tourism sector, with at least 30 students/young people participating to develop careers in tourism each year;
– Over 20 jobs created in different parts of the tourism infrastructure complex in Gori.

Project Map

* Locations on the map are indicative and may not reflect precise location.


Gori Municipality

Gori Municipality

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