Capacity-Building of Judges of Common Courts System

‘Facilitating Implementation of Reforms in the Judiciary (FAIR)’ project works with number of courts across Georgia and judges to increase their capacities on better resolution of cases related to social rights. During workshops and meetings held during the lifetime of the project (2018-2020), judges from courts of Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi and Telavi were introduced to relevant international standards – Rights to Housing and Labor Rights. Two guidebooks about Labor rights and Right to Housing were prepared and distributed to the judges and courts. As a result, participant judges:
– are better informed, more aware and sensitive on social rights between judges;
– have toolkits on social rights case law from international courts’ jurisdiction to help in further decision-making;
– have expanded channels of communication with peer judges, the justice system and civil society groups.

In addition, a workshop “Ways to overcome gender barriers in the Court System” was held devoted to gender equality in the Courts, as well as strategies aimed at overcoming gender barriers and empowering female judges. The project team was supported by an expert in the field of gender studies. Fifteen female judges from the courts located in the South and East parts of Georgia participated in the workshop. During the workshop, discussion was initiated on how to overcome the gender inequality in court system, knowledge, awareness, and sensitivity on gender equality issues was increased, while judges were able to build better communication with the judicial system itself.

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