Awareness-raising on Women’s Labour Rights

EU-funded “Job Equality: Equal, Inclusive and Safe Work Place in Georgia” project implements number of activities to raise awareness of different groups on women’s labour rights.

To that end, the project prepared number of infographics on women’s labor rights, gender inequality in the social and service sector, necessary hotlines in case of labor rights violation, domestic/sexual violence/harassment. The infographics were prepared in Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaijani languages, and published on Women Fund Georgia’s Facebook page. Infographics soon reached over 23000 people, and were quite successful with the audience.

During the lockdown caused by COVID-19 pandemic, the project decided to issue official statement on social media, calling other women’s rights groups and organizations to join in order to amplify the voice to protect labour rights of women that were most severely affected during the pandemic. The messages were directed to the government, business sector, women and society/families in general. Over 40 signatories of the statement demanded from the government to ensure a safe workplace for women, who now are at the front line of the pandemic, i.e. doctors, nurses, women working at pharmacies and in the service sector – those on the frontline. Signatories also underlined the importance of creating the mechanism to measure the gender wage gap and the amount of unpaid care work done by women in their households. The statement was part of the awareness-raising, as it was also targeted towards families and society in general. They were asked to show solidarity to women working in the social and service sector, as well as to share housework equally. Women were also provided with support regarding their labor rights, or domestic violence/sexual harassment. The hotlines of labor inspection, hotline of violence victim assistance, 112 applications, etc.

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