Alliance for Penal and Probation Reforms in Georgia

The Alliance for Penal and Probation Reforms in Georgia brings together 26 international and local non-government organizations with the common purpose of making a positive impact on criminal justice reforms and related policies. It is a powerful platform to advocate policy and facilitate reinforcement of the role of civil society to help formulate a just and rational criminal justice system.

The Alliance was established in 2013, within the framework of the EU-funded initiative project, while it was further strengthened within the framework of “Monitoring Government’s Commitments and Promoting Reforms in the Penal Sector through the Engagement of CSOs” initiative. During the lifetime of the project the Alliance:
– Implemented joint advocacy campaigns to lobby policy initiatives;
– Engaged in political dialogue with major stakeholders;
– Monitored and assessed implementation processes of facilitating policy;
– Engaged in capacity-building activities;
– Engaged in analysis of key topics and progress of criminal justice policy/legislation;
– Increasing public awareness about importance of criminal justice reform process and key issues.

More information on the work of the Alliance is available at:–NGO-/Alliance-for-Penal-and-Probation-Reforms-of-Georgia-363056613830807/

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